Bremen, Die komplette Palette, August 25, 2018
Bremen, Shagall, September 8, 2018
Hanover, Modepreis 2018, September 29, 2018
Bremen, Schauspielhaus, October 13, 2018
Bremen, Shagall, December 1, 2018
Chemnitz, Loft, December 29, 2018

Modepreis X

X-Day is due soon. The illustrious Modepreis Hannover, issue number ten, will be rocking Expo Plaza on September 29. 30 collections and a few surprises are to enter the catwalk rounding up a decade of experimental style. Our hosts this year are Natalie Piu Mukherjee and Flowin´ Immo.

Tanzschule mit Jens Lissat und Jens Mahlstedt

Two experienced dancing teachers will be teaming up in Bremen´s Shagall: Jens Lissat and Jens Mahlstedt are to court Nikaa on September 8 who herself is a master of all disciplines on the dancefloor. Be prepared for a turbulent night of ReUnion Classics.

Die Komplette Palette

Bremen´s Die Komplette Palette has got to be the coolest place to be outdoors this extra hot summer: The stage, the bars, furniture, lighting, literally everything is self-made and fully recycable. Flowin´ Immo has asked to select a few records and drop them right on the river Weser. We will do so accordingly and with pleasure on August 25 at Dreimal ist Bremer Recht, kicking off at 3pm for twelve hours.

Yeah Yeah Club goes Breminale

Hotter Than July: The Breminale is a relaxed and open-minded music festival on Bremen´s river Weser. This year Yeah Yeah Club resident Jens Mahlstedt will be playing Bremen Zwei´s stage right behind the Kunsthalle four nights in a row from July 25 to 28 while DJ partner Gu is on holidays. Doing it in the park, doing it after dark.

The Harder They Come

Straight from Berlin-Mitte to Bremen´s Shagall: Hardy Hard aka Hardsequencer aka Low Spirit originator will be teaming up with Nikaa and Jens Mahlstedt on June 23. The Harder They Come.

Station To Station

The musical Lazarus was one of David Bowie´s last works. It is currently showing at Bremen´s Theater am Goetheplatz. So let´s clear the main stage for an extraordinary night on June 22: DJs Jens Mahlstedt and Gu will be taking you on a sparkling journey from Station To Station. Sense of doubt? Let´s dance like it´s 2018.


Berlin-Kreuzberg´s notorious Bohnengold will be hosting another We Are TOFU on June 9: Sean Patrick´s three months of DJing abstinence will officially be ended by the hands of Jens Mahlstedt. Up in the air.

Yeah Yeah Club

Yeah Yeah Club, round number four. Bremen Zwei presents residents Jens Mahlstedt and Gu (Urban Jazz Grooves, Our Label Records) who will be dropping Disco, Funk, Soul, HipHop and Jazz at noon (Theater am Goetheplatz) once again on May 26. Vinyl only, so miuzi weighs a ton.