A Stream Within A Stream

For as long as all clubs are shut down Jens Mahlstedt will be contributing to their survival as well as saying thank you to all fans supplying regular live streams. On April 3 he plays two hours at Hamburg´s completely empty Grosse Freiheit 36 (scroll to 3:33:33 under clubstream040 live) and another two hours at Landungsbrücken St. Pauli on May 3 (http://clubstream040.de). Further to that he goes live on Electronic Dance TV, that´s June 1 for you. Jens is on the decks on July 5 as well, once again via Electronic Dance TV, and also on July 11 teaming up with Yeah Yeah Club-DJ partner Gu at Luna in Kiel. Get ready for more Electronic Vinyl History on August 2, September 6 and October 4 transmitted live via Electronic Dance TV. Stay safe everyone.